Gratitude For Love

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Chorus: Gratitude for love. Gratitude for love. A gift I did not earn. A gift that I receive.
Gratitude for love. It penetrates my soul. A gift of joy and hope. A gift of faith and light.

There’s a hunger in my heart, there’s a hole in my soul.
All the things I have will never satisfy.
The love of God has touched me and has shown me the way.
I want a love like God’s love that won’t go away.

If I say that I love you, I will not run away.
I will stay and accept you for my love is real.
If you do things that hurt me, I will stand off and pray.
I will be close by no matter how I feel.

When I saw you this morning, there was joy in your face.
You had love in your smile and in your warm embrace.
The love in your eyes touched me deep in my soul.
Your love like God’s love, helps me to be whole.

He was called disabled, but his heart was strong and full.
His smile was accepting and his joy touched my soul.
When he gave me his greeting it came straight from the heart.
His meaning was acceptance and such love makes me whole.