Planning Music

There are no hard and fast rules but one thing is for certain, most Faith and Light communities love to sing.

 It is very helpful if you can get people to lead the songs on guitar. There are some songs which are familiar to many Faith and Light communities. The words to these songs are posted below. If none of your members can play a musical instrument then you have two choices: use recorded music of your own choice or order a CD of Faith and Light songs compiled by Kirt Bromley ( which include many of the songs below. The latter is available for shipping costs.

 Another possibility is to look around for young people in your neighborhood who can play guitar. Contact the youth minister at the local parochial high school or the local church. In addition to getting a music leader you also get the involvement of your local youth which is so essential to building and broadening your Faith and Light community.

 Familiar Faith and Light Songs



Click to Download All Songs as MP3